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Child's General Information

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Parent / Guardian Information

School History

Domestic Situation

Sleep Pattern

Discipline & Boundaries at Home


Milestone Ages

General Health

Meal Time

Sensory System

Does your child pay attention when being spoken to?


How does your child interact?
(e.g. unusual tantrums, aggression, nail biting?)

Parent / Guardian Information (1)

Parent / Guardian Information (2)

• Please read through all our School Policies (see website). www.stepppingstones.org.za
• Should your child show symptoms of developmental, physical, social/emotional or behavioral issues, Stepping Stones has a policy of recommendation of assessment by an appropriate specialist. Parents are expected to give full support to any recommended interventions (see Admission policy)
• Parents who are new to Stepping Stones are expected to attend a Parent Information evening during the last term of the year preceding your child’s entry to this school. You will be advised of the date & time.
• All parents are expected to attend all school meetings (annual AGM, Parent Information Evenings, Parent/Teacher reviews, school fund raising events, etc.) in the best interest of their child/ren and the relationship between the school and the family.
• Stepping Stones advises prospective parents to further educate themselves about the Montessori Method so as to support your child’s learning experience.
• School terms are according to the Western Cape Education Department annual calendar. Children who do not attend school for any reason during each term will still be charged for the classes they miss.
• I/we agree that, in the event of a dispute regarding any school policy and practice with the school, any member of the school committee, any employee, or any other parent, I/we will submit a complaint in writing to the school principal and participate in the school’s dispute resolution process in good faith. I also agree the school may appoint an independent mediator to resolve serious disputes and that I will abide by the mediator’s recommendations.