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Thank you for considering an application for your child to attend Westmont. Please note that we receive numerous applications for our programs, with particularly high volumes of applicants at the pre-school and kindergarten levels. Submitting an application does not guarantee enrolment in our programs, and the application fee is non-refundable. If you have questions regarding the possibilities of enrolment, and have not come for a tour, we encourage you to book a tour.

Please submit your application using the online form below. Applications require the payment of a $150 Application Fee, payable on the screen after the application is submitted.

Applications will not be considered complete, and will not be processed, until the application fee is received.

If preferred a paper form can be printed and brought in to the school along with payment. Find the form here.

☐ 2021-22
☐ 2022-23
☐ 2023-24
☐ 2024-25
☐ Pre-school: Morning (8:30a-11:30p)
☐ Preschool: Full Day (8:30a-3:00p)
☐ Kindergarten (age 5 by Dec. 31 of attending year)
☐ Grade 1
☐ Grade 2
☐ Grade 3
☐ Grade 4
☐ Grade 5
☐ Grade 6
☐ Grade 7
☐ Grade 8
☐ Grade 9
☐ Grade 10
☐ Grade 11
☐ Grade 12 (September 2021)

Student Information

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Education Details

Please list every school that your child has attended
If you answered yes to Learning Assistance, please explain the nature and duration of this assistance:
Is there any other information about the applicant that you feel the school should know in order to help him/her integrate well into the school (e.g. academic, social, medical)?

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