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☐ 2022-23 Academic Year
☐ Summer 2023
☐ 2023-24 Academic Year
☐ Summer 2024
☐ 2024 - 25 Academic Year

Applicant Information

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☐ Nido: 3 months - 18 months
☐ Infant Community: 18 months - 3 years old
☐ Children's House: 3 - 6 years old
☐ Elementary: 1st - 6th grade
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☐ Chinese-English Dual Immersion Program (Children's House & Elementary Only)
☐ Japanese-English Dual Immersion Program (Children's House & Elementary Only)
☐ Spanish-English Dual Immersion Program (Children's House Only)
☐ Chinese Immersion Program (Nido & Infant Community Only)
☐ Japanese Immersion Program (Nido & Infant Community Only)
☐ Spanish Immersion Program (Infant Community Only)
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For U.S. applicants
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International Student Information

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Home/Residential Information

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Parent/Guardian Information

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Parent / Guardian 2

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General Information

Current and Prior Education

If yes, please list every school that your child has attended

Applicant Questionnaire

What is your experience with Montessori Education?
What are your educational goals for your child? How do you see us facilitating these goals?
What role can we expect the child's parent(s)/guardian(s) to play in facilitating this child's educational goals?
Does your child have any hobbies, sports, or special interests, capabilities or talents?
How do you see your child in their social and emotional development?
Please describe your child's educational experience thus far. What has been successful? What has been challenging?
Has your child had any remedial work, special tutoring, or enlightenment classes in the past two years? Please explain.
Does your child have any special needs (educational, medical, or psychological)? Has your child received any testing or evaluations that would relate to their academic or social performance? Please have copies sent of tests or evaluations that your child has taken.
Are there any areas in which we may be able to give special help and encouragement to your child?

Photo/Video Release Policy

A. Internal Use: Photographs and videos may be taken and used for parent educational materials, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Transparent Classroom, the annual Yearbook, and school-related events such as, but not limited to: the Moon Festival, Spring Festival, Gala, and Japanese Children’s Day.

B. External Use: Photographs and videos may be shared and used for communications, marketing, and other purposes. Marketing methods may included, but are not limited to: print media, brochures, advertising, internet, website, email, school publications and promotions, newsletters, blogs, public PowerPoint® presentations, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), and any manner of items relevant to promoting the school and its programs. In using any photos of Applicant in website or publications, PRINTS’ foremost priority is the protection of the safety and privacy of the child. No child will be identified by name on websites available to the public. Children will appear only in photos that reflect PRINTS’ respect for the child.

Non-Discrimination Policy

PRINTS has a non-discriminatory policy relative to nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation with respect to the admission of sutdents and the employment of faculty and staff. PRINTS considers the records of all individual students to be confidential information available to a child’s parents or guardians upon request. Records will only be released to other schools or agencies upon signed request from a parent, guardian, or student over the age of 18, and only after all accounts due are paid in full.

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Application Fee

Please submit this application along with a non-refundable application fee of $105.00.

Application Fee:
U.S. Applicants — $105 USD
International Applicants — $520 USD

Cash or check payments are eligible for:

  • $5.00 discount for U.S. applicants.
  • $20.00 discount for International applicants.

Debit/Credit: Please follow the instructions on the next page after the application is submitted.

Check: Please make the check payable to PRINTS.

Cash or check payments can be mailed to or dropped off at the following address:

454 Peninsula Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401

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