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☐ 2021-2022 School Year
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Please refer to what your child's age will be on December 1, 2022
☐ Nido Community (4-18 months): Half Day Monday
☐ Toddler Community (15-36 months): Half Day Tuesday-Friday
☐ Children's House (3-4y): Half Day
☐ Children's House (3-5y): School Day
☐ Elementary (Grades 1-6): School Day
For Children's House and Elementary Programs

Parent / Guardian 1

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Background information

Please list every school, elementary and preschool, that your child has attended

In order that we may prepare an environment that will meet the individual needs of your child please supply the following information:

disabilities, allergies, dietary restrictions, medical requirements?
Describe your child's personality, temperament and interests
What goals do you have for your child? How do you see us facilitating these goals?
Please list any organized groups or special classes your child takes outside of school.
Please tell us about your families community interests and activities.
Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's health, temperament, learning ability or socialization?
In what ways would you be interested in participating or sharing your interest/talents/resources at SMMS?
Have any family members attended a Montessori School? Please list who, where and when.
Does your child/family know anyone at SMMS?
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Application Policy

1. If at all possible, parents are encouraged to speak with the Head of School and tour the classroom before submitting an application.

2. An application for admission form must be completed and submitted.

3. Head of School determines the availability of enrollment compatibility based on age, in accordance with Montessori principles of education. If an opening is available you will progress to step 4, enrollment is offered.

Transfer students from other Montessori schools, siblings of currently enrolled students and children of staff members may be granted priority for enrollment.

If no opening is available, the student is placed in a waiting pool. In the event of a future opening, children in this waiting pool will be considered for enrollment, based on age, in accordance with Montessori principles of education.

4. If enrollment is offered, parents must sign an enrollment contract and submit a non-refundable security deposit $750. There will be a two-week time limit from the day the offer is mailed to respond to an enrollment offer, after which the school cannot guarantee placement.

If an offer of enrollment is declined for any reason, the application will be withdrawn.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Sprouting Minds Montessori School values diversity among its students and admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. Additionally we do not discriminate on the basis of the above in administration of education and admissions policies.

The information we have provided on this application is truthful, accurate, and complete. We understand that withholding information or providing inaccurate information about our child may jeopardize his/her application and if enrolled may result in his/her dismissal from school.