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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. We encourage families to complete this in English, but if you feel more confident in Spanish that is acceptable.
Please note:
- 1ΒΊ Surname is ‘Last Name’ and 2ΒΊ Surname is ‘Middle Name’
- Birthdate should be in (MMDDYYYY) format

For Elementary applicants, all transcripts and records must be submitted prior to setting up a parent interview.

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☐ 2021-2022
☐ Elementary
Please indicate what grade your child will enter.
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Please mark the level that best describes the child's English level.

Parent 1

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Background information

Are you applying for more than one child? If so, please write the name(s) of the other children and the program they are applying for.
First & Last Names, Program.
If it is outside of Spain, please indicate the country code.
What language or languages has your child used at school?
When did your child start the previous school?
When did your child finish the previous school?
Up to what grade did your child attend his/her previous school?

Please email school transcripts to

How do you see your child in their social and emotional development?
What are your educational goals for your child? How do you see us facilitating these goals?
How do you see your child's physical development?
How do you see your child's language development?
Does your child have any special needs (educational, medical, or psychological)? Has your child received any testing or evaluations that would relate to their academic or social performance? Please have copies sent of tests or evaluations that your child has taken.
Has your child had any reported or observed difficulties with the following? Please mark all that apply.
Has your child been assessed in or received support in any of the following services? Please mark all that apply.
Are there any areas in which we may be able to give special help and encouragement to your child?
What role can we expect the child's parent(s)/guardian(s) to play in facilitating this child's educational goals?
Does your child have any hobbies, sports, or special interests, capabilities or talents?
Please tell us how you heard about us. If it is one of our current families, we would love to know who to thank!