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☐ 2022 Summer Program
☐ 2022-23 Academic Year
☐ 2023 Summer Session
☐ 2023-24 Academic Year
☐ 2024 Summer Session
☐ 2024-25 Academic Year
☐ Toddler (15m-2y9m): Half Day
☐ Toddler (15m-2y9m): Full Day
☐ PreK (2y9m-6y): Half Day
☐ PreK (2y9m-6y): Full Day
☐ Lower Elementary (6-9)
☐ Upper Elementary (9-12)


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Non-Discrimination Policy

Vineyard Montessori School admits families of any race, color, religion and national origin to all rights, privileges, and activities made available at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational or admission policy. Toilet training status is not an eligibility requirement for enrollment at Vineyard Montessori School.