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I have submitted an application for my child, named below, to attend Heartwood Montessori School for the session indicated below.

☐ 2021-22
☐ 2022 Summer
☐ 2022-23
I understand that a non-refundable Materials Fee consisting of $250 is required to be paid to secure enrollment.


☐ Half Day (7:30a-11:30a) $590/month
☐ School Day (8:30a-3:30p) $980/month
☐ All Day (8:00a-5:30p) $1150/month

I agree that I may withdraw my child from enrollment at Heartwood Montessori School at any time. However, I further agree that I will give written notice of such withdrawal and that such withdrawal will only be effective as of the last day of the month following the month in which notice is given and further, I shall have paid all sums due Heartwood Montessori School then due together with tuition and any other fees through the effective date of such withdrawal. Such sums shall be paid regardless of whether my child actually attends school through the effective date of the withdrawal.


Late Fees
Tuition is due on the first day of each month. Understanding that sometimes events unfold despite our best efforts, we implement a 5 day grace period. Any payments submitted on or before the last day of that grace period will be accepted as timely. However, any payments submitted after the grace period will be assessed a $10.00 PER DAY late charge.

Late Pick Up Fee
A late fee of $1.00 per minute may be assessed if children are not picked up by the end of their designated departure window.

Non Sufficient Funds Checks
We are happy to accept personal checks for payment of tuition. If a check is returned to the school as Non Sufficient Funds, we will assess a standard $20.00 per check handling fee.