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Applications to start in the Summer of 2023 or the 2023-2024 school year are currently being accepted and are due by January 15, 2023. Sibling applications of current students are due December 15, 2022. Please note that you may also use this form for 2022-2023 school year. Applications submitted for 2022-2023 will go on our waitlist and we will contact you if a space opens. Thanks!

☐ 2022-2023
☐ Summer 2023
☐ 2023-2024
☐ Summer 2024
☐ 2024-2025
(i.e. if you are looking for 2022-2023, would you also like to be considered for Summer 2023, a space during 2022-2023, mid-year 2022-2023 etc?)
☐ Elementary Program (1st through 6th grade)
☐ Children's House Program (2.5 through 6 years old)
☐ Young Children's Community (18 month through 3 years old)
All programs are Monday through Friday. YCC students can choose to stay home Fridays if desired.
Early and Extended care is offered for Children’s House and Elementary students (early care for El) at additional cost if there are sufficient participants.

Application Details

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Child's current school/duration + previous schools/durations
Has your child had any Montessori experience?
Please indicate which session you attended or plan to attend.
Please note that we do not accept children into the third year of the Children's House unless they are AMI transfer students or planning to continue to our Elementary.
Please indicate the Tour you attended or plan to attend.
Centennial Montessori School is an AMI Recognized school. As such, it is our policy that children are only admitted into the Young Children's Community (18 mos. to 3 yrs) and Children's House (3 yrs. to 6 yrs.) if they intend to complete the full Children's House experience. Unlike other schools this includes the Kindergarten year. Children are only admitted into the Elementary if they intend to complete a full three year cycle of Lower Elementary and/or Upper Elementary. It is expected that Elementary children complete both cycles. Please indicate below your understanding of the policy. We know this is different than many schools and are very happy to discuss the rationale and how it pertains to your family in person, but wanted you to be aware before submitting an application.
Please indicate below.

Montessori Exposure

It's ok if you do not have experience! We just want to get a sense of your interest and exposure.

These can be things that you are either familiar with, or those that you wish to learn more about. (We do a lot of parent education, so don't feel nervous putting down a topic for which you would like to gain more knowledge! We're in this together.)

Parent/ Guardian

Parent / Guardian

Address of person responsible for tuition payment (if different from above)

Getting to know your family and your child

Please answer the relevant questions that will enable us to know your child better and understand your interests and goals for him/her. Feel free to add additional pages if necessary.

Please give us a snapshot of what your child’s daily life is like outside of the time he/she would be at school (classes, activities, playtime, favorite games, bed times).
A large part of the Montessori philosophy is focused on providing an environment conducive to supporting the child's natural desire to learn and develop. In this busy world, this translates into a calm environment free from distractions and with a strong connection to the community and to nature. We support the development of true engagement and concentration with an abundance of time for the child to engage and explore in a loving setting. In order to support the discovery of the child's own interests and passions, we feel strongly that our environment should be free from time pressure, media influences and overstimulating activities and materials especially at the younger ages. Ideally the home environment shares some of this focus. Please share with us your philosophy on screen time, after school classes, and exposure to the natural world. Any other comments relating to what you environment you provide or hope to provide or questions about this are very welcome.
What are your educational goals for your child? How do you see Centennial Montessori facilitating these goals?
How do you see your child in respect to his/her social and emotional development? Are there any particular strengths you would like to see supported or concerns that we may be able to help you with?
Is there any significant medical history of which we should be aware? Has any diagnostic evaluations (educational or psychological) been completed for your child?
AMI transfer students receive priority in admissions. Is your child attending an AMI school. If so, please include contact information for the teacher.
Do you have any special talents, background, resources or interests that you would like to share to enhance the Centennial Montessori community?

Additional Requirements for families applying to the third year of Children's House students or the Elementary

For children applying to the third year of Children's House (Kindergarten) or the Elementary, we require a recommendation from the child's current teacher and a transcript from the current school. Additional recommendations are optional. Families applying for younger applicants (YCC or the first two years of CH) are welcome to submit recommendations from current teachers in support of the application, but it is not required.

Please complete the confidentiality agreement on the forms above prior to sending them to your child’s school or teacher.

They may return the forms directly to or send them to Centennial Montessori School, attention Admissions Office, 27 Tenth Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401. We regret that for confidentiality reasons, we cannot accept forms directly from parents.