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2020/21 School Year Registration Form
☐ 2020-21
Which classroom are you enrolling your child in?
☐ Toddler (18mo-36mo): Half Day - Pickup after lunch
☐ Toddler (18mo-36mo): Full Day - Pickup after nap
☐ Primary (3-5y): Half Day - Pickup after lunch
☐ Primary (3-5y): Full Day - Pickup after nap
☐ Primary (5yr): Extended Day - Pickup end of day
☐ Elementary (6-11y)


Does your child have a nickname they prefer to use?
☐ Male
☐ Female
☐ Other:
If you selected "other" please elaborate. If there are specific legal custody arrangements you would like us to be aware of you can submit documentation supporting such arrangements

Mother's information

EmployerJob Title
If no, legal documentation must be provided

Father's name

If no, legal documentation must be provided
Before and After school care will not be available at the start of the school year. Parents will be notified when it is safe to resume these programs
Child must be 3 or 4 years-old as of 9/1/2020 to qualify
If yes, a CYFD Agreement Form will be provided
All donations to GMS are tax deductible and receipts will be provided upon request
Please add a note if any contacts may NOT pick up your child
NameRelationshipPhone NumberNotes

Medical Information

Please indicate any and all allergies and/or chronic illnesses that your child has that we should be made aware of, and any medications being used to treat your child
Please indicate your child's regular physician

Family Information

NameAgeCurrent School


Policies and Expectations
I have read and understand the Expectations of Parents, Financial Policies and School Operations Support policies and agree to follow all policies and procedures of the school, as stated in the GMS Parent Handbook.

In addition to this form the following must be completed and submitted to the office before my child’s enrollment will be confirmed

  • $50 Registration fee PER FAMILY
  • Tuition Agreement
  • Copy of current vaccination records OR authorized state exemption form
  • Legal document regarding custody/parental rights (when applicable)
  • Medical Release and Information
  • OTC Medication Permission

Non-Discrimination Policy

We value diversity among our students. We do not discriminate in our enrollment policies on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin.