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Welcome and thank you for considering Thacher Montessori.

This year’s application deadline is January 31, 2022. If your application is submitted after our deadline, it will be considered as part of the second phase of our admissions process.

If you have any questions during the application process, please contact:

Nikki Toon
Director of Admission and Enrollment Management
617-361-2522 ext. 11

School Year and Program

Please select the year for which you are applying.
☐ 2022-23
Please select program based on your child's age.
☐ Toddler (18 months - 2.9) (T)
☐ Children's House Half Day (age 2.9 - 3)
☐ Children's House Full Day (age 2.9 - 6)
☐ Lower Elementary (age 6 - 9) (1st - 3rd grade)
☐ Upper Elementary (age 9 - 11) (4th - 6th grade)
☐ Adolescent Program (age 12 - 13) (7th - 8th grade)
Will you be applying for Financial Aid? (Note: Financial Aid is not available at the Toddler level.) To apply, please access our Financial Aid Application through our website (www.thacherschool.org).


☐ M
☐ F
☐ Non-Binary

Parent / Guardian 1

Parent / Guardian 2

Background information

Please list every school that your child has attended
Please list all other schools that you are applying to.
Does your child have any hobbies, sports, or special interests, capabilities or talents?
How do you see your child in their social and emotional development?
Please describe your child's educational experience thus far. What has been successful? What has been challenging?
Has your child had any remedial work, special tutoring, or enlightenment classes in the past two years? Please explain.
Has your child received any testing or evaluations (educational, medical, or psychological) that would relate to their academic or social performance? Please have copies sent of tests or evaluations that your child has taken.
If your child has allergies, please list them. (Please note - Thacher is a nut-free school).
Why are you interested in Thacher Montessori and why do you think Thacher would be a good fit for your family?
Are you comfortable celebrating holidays or events from diverse cultures and/or lifestyles? If not, please explain.
☐ Current Parent Referral
☐ Friend/Neighbor Referral
☐ Internet Search
☐ Local Newspaper Print Ad
☐ Sign/Banner in Front of School
☐ Social Media
☐ Yard Sign
☐ Montessori Website (i.e., AMS, AMI, MSM)
☐ Facebook/Instagram Ad
☐ Autre:

Required Forms

For children currently enrolled in school, the following AISNE forms must be submitted to Thacher Montessori directly from your child's school. (These forms are also required for home-schooled children). You may either download and print these forms or send the link below to the appropriate people at your current school.

Sample of Work – age 8 and above only
Please provide a sample of child’s report writing and math work. Please email to ntoon@thacherschool.org

Non-Discrimination Policy

Thacher is a nonsectarian Montessori school that does not discriminate against individuals in its admissions, employment policies, and procedures on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition, marital status, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, family style, national origin, cultural heritage, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, military service, application for military service, or any other status protected by applicable law.