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Child Details

Please provide details of the child you are interested in sending to CMS

☐ M
☐ F
☐ 2022-2023
☐ 2023-2024
(As a guide Reception and Yr 1 are in 3-6, Years 2 to 7 are in Elementary)
☐ 2-3 Toddler community (Preparatory class)
☐ 3-6 Children's House
☐ 6-12 Elementary
☐ Senior School 12-16 (Planned opening Sept 2022)
Please note minimum attendance is 3 full days. Part time attendance is permitted in the 2-3 class. Part time attendance in 3-6 will be considered but full fees are applicable. See fee info sheet for details.
Please complete a separate application for each child.

Parent or guardian details

(If you do not wish to provide full details at this stage please indicate if you are already in Cardiff or if you are re-locating)
(ie an indication of your financial ability to pay fees)

Background information

Please list every school / childcare facility that your child has attended
Does your child have any dietary requirements, allergies, additional needs or other requirements?

Thank you for your application

Thank you for your application. We will be in touch with you to let you know if we are able to meet your request. Parents will then have the opportunity to visit the school if they have not previously done so.