Simple, Meaningful Record Keeping

Designed by a Montessori teacher and her husband.

Used by over 1000 Montessori schools.

Classroom progress

See gaps and patterns.

See patterns across all children and lessons in a visual grid. Then just click to change the status.

Simple, fast lesson planning.

Lesson plan in the same grid with just 30 minutes per week. Print it for your clipboard, watch it on a tablet.


Entering observations is easy.

In only 10 minutes a day, you can enter all your presentations, observations, notes, and photos.

Child progress

Holds a child's entire history.

We never delete a child's data unless you ask us to. You can even generate conference reports.

Child profile

Parents see as much as you like.

Parents can only see information about their child, and schools can decide what they want to share.

Adding parents means schools always have updated contact info, and parents have one place to find: conference reports, calendars, newsletters, etc.

Lesson customization

Lessons included and customizable.

AMI primary, elementary, and toddler lessons are included, and you can easily add more lessons or change them.


Attendance, Events, Forms...

Track attendance digitally, parents can sign in on iPad or tablet.

Track classroom events like bottles, naps, meals, diapering.

Manage applications online or other custom forms like health, immunizations, etc.

Meet the team.

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$1.50 USD
per child / month

Unlimited classrooms. Unlimited staff.
Unlimited support and training.

Each month, you are charged only for children actively enrolled the previous month.

If you are closed in the summer, you pay nothing. If you have fewer children some months, you pay less.

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