About Us

We started Transparent Classroom in early 2012 to serve a Montessori school Jeremy and Karissa had just opened in Seattle. Our goal at the time was to make record keeping easy and fun...and as long as we were doing that, why not share it with parents too. Our teachers and parents loved it, and by the start of 2015, we had 20 other schools using it.

Today, our little experiment has proved successful. The Montessori community has embraced it, and in turn continues to teach us what it needs to do. Transparent Classroom continues to learn and grow.


Jeremy Lightsmith

Founder, Developer

Jeremy created Transparent Classroom to make your life better. After spending most of his career as a developer and consultant, he is overjoyed to bring that skillset to the classroom!

@lightsmith - jeremy@transparentclassroom.com


Katrina Kujawa

Account Executive

Katrina is the go to person for demos and training with Transparent Classroom. She is an AMI trained Primary Guide and loves teaching music at Lighthouse Montessori School.



Andrew Smith

Software Developer

Andrew loves bringing a positive impact to communities and families as a software developer for Transparent Classroom. In his spare time, he travels around the world teaching social dance.


Nathan Stell

Sales / Customer Support

Nathan has worked as a teacher for the past 8 years. He loves creating spaces for learning and is excited to be a part of bringing Transparent Classroom into the lives of so many teachers.


Sara Dwyer

Sales / Customer Support

Sara has worked as a reading specialist and classroom assistant and is passionate about eduction. She loves helping people gain a deeper understanding of the workings of Transparent Classroom.


Melissa Farfan

AMI Elementary Specialist

Melissa is a AMI trained Elementary Guide and is our go to person for all things Elementary.


Karissa Lightsmith


Karissa is a AMI trained Primary Guide and Head of School at Lighthouse Montessori. Her school piloted the program and her guidance and feedback continue to be instrumental to Transparent Classroom's success.


Kevin Van Meter for helping us finish our AMI Primary Curriculum.

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