We started Transparent Classroom in early 2012 to serve a Montessori school Jeremy and Karissa had just opened in Seattle. Our goal at the time was to make record keeping easy and fun...and as long as we were doing that, why not share it with parents too. Our teachers and parents loved it, and by the start of 2015, we had 20 other schools using it.

Today, our little experiment has proven successful as a world leader in Montessori online record keeping. The Montessori community has embraced it, and has in turn taught us what it needs to do. Transparent Classroom continues to learn and grow every day.

Liz Strong (she/her)

Executive Director

Liz is AMI trained and has taught at both the primary and adolescent levels. She is excited to work with Montessorians around the world while combining her passion for education and technology.

Damien Burke (he/him)

Software Engineer

Damien has been building software on the Internet since 1999. He is a former professional poker player and a theatre, commercial, television, and film actor.

Juan Carlos Dominguez (they/them)

Customer Advocate

Juan Carlos has worked as a Primary guide and is passionate about making Montessori education accessible to children of all backgrounds. They enjoy backpacking, running, and cooking.

Katrina Kujawa (she/her)

Customer Advocate; User Support Lead

Katrina is an AMI trained Primary Guide who worked in classrooms in Montana and Seattle before leaving the classroom full time to join the Transparent Classroom team and spend more time teaching music. While she is no longer in the classroom, she still loves connecting with Montessorians around the world and helping them become superusers of Transparent Classroom. In her spare time she enjoys playing her double bass (and various other instruments), knitting, and spending time with her family.

Sara Dwyer (she/her)

Operations Lead

Sara has worked as a reading specialist and classroom assistant and is passionate about education. She loves helping people gain a deeper understanding of the workings of Transparent Classroom.

Jeremy Lightsmith (he/him)


Jeremy created Transparent Classroom to make your life better. After spending most of his career as a developer and consultant, he has been overjoyed to bring that skillset to the classroom!

Chloe Innvaer smiles at camera

Chloe Innvaer

Customer Advocate

Chloe has worked as a Montessori administrator since 2015. Before that, she studied education, specifically early childhood education, in college. She is excited about continuing her Montessori journey with Transparent Classroom.

Emily Curry

Emily Curry

Customer Advocate

Emily is AMI trained at the Elementary level. She has worked in both private and public Montessori school and attended Montessori school as a child. She has been a superfan of Transparent Classroom for several years and is excited to join our team and connect with our schools!


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