Simple, Meaningful Record Keeping

Designed by Montessorians, for Montessorians.

Used by over 2630 Montessori schools.

Record progress, track standards, and see gaps.

See patterns of learning across all children and lessons in a visual grid. Easily update progress for an individual or group.

Track concentration and build Montessori work curves.

Observe children's progress over time, gaps in lesson areas, and balance across equity segments with a variety of reports.

Working with school or regional standards? We make it easy to connect lessons to standards so you can track a child's progress. Many standards are already available (CCSS, TEKS, and many US states), or we will help you upload your own.

Simple, fast lesson planning.

Organize and prepare for each week with easy, intuitive lesson planning. Change your plans and reschedule lessons on the fly to follow the child. Print it out for your clipboard and enter data later, or record on the fly on a tablet.

Choose from one of many layouts to organize by day, by child, by lesson, and more. We have tried to make a planning view that meets the needs of each Montessori level.

After presenting lessons, you can easily record meeting notes and plan next lessons and follow-up work with planning notes.

Enter observations and take photos with ease.

With just 10 minutes a day, you can enter all your presentations, observations, notes and photos.

Connect photos to child progress, creating a visual diary of a child's learning journey that can be shared with parents via email or mobile app.

Snap and upload photos quickly with the mobile app, then tag children and lessons later on the web. You can capture a timeline of the day so you can stop trying to remember everything that happened.

Stay connected while apart.

Engage the parent community with Parent Photo of their children uploaded via the mobile app. They can add a narrative to describe what their child was doing.

You can review them, tag lessons and progress, and provide reactions and comments. Now parents can be a more active participant in their child's learning at home, and you can connect it to the child's progress in Transparent Classroom.

Hold a child's entire history and choose what to share.

You decide what to share, and parents only see information about their child.

We never delete a child's data unless you ask us, even after they have left the school. Their records are retained for free.

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Tracking daily events in real time and share them with parents.

Whether you're tracking food, naps, toileting, or temperatures, we have a wide range of Daily Tracking events available.

Quickly and easily mark events for your classroom using a phone or tablet.

You can choose to have a summary of events sent to the parent at the end of each day, so parents can be kept informed easily.

Make conference reports a breeze.

Create fully customizable conference reports to share with parents, showing a snapshot of the child and what they've learned.

Whether you need to showcase lessons, standards, skills, photos, or more, our conference report editor makes it easy to drag-and-drop elements that will pull in data when generating a report.

Ever discover a mistake when you're halfway through creating 100 reports, and dread doing it all over again? When you make a change to a template, we make it easy to pull those changes into generated conference reports. It's as easy a clicking a button.

Store all your forms in one place.

Whether it's a field trip permission form or one to gather general information, Transparent Classroom has a powerful form editor to design your own school forms for parents.

Our system makes it easy to keep track of all the information, notify parents of new forms assigned, and even provide reminders and due dates.

Need to have parents update their contact information? Just assign a form! You can connect forms and use them to update data, including contact info, child's allergies, and so much more.

You can create a Form Checklist to link to other forms, embed forms, allow the parent to upload a file, and so much more. Our form builder has so many features, even we forget some from time to time!

Manage enrollment and only pay for when you're in session.

Closed for winter break? No problem. You can customize your school's sessions and manage classroom placement for each session. You're only charged for children in your current session, so you don't have to be billed when you're not using us.

If you have a child joining or leaving mid-session, we offer fine-grained controls with a child's First Day and Last Day, so they only show up once they're enrolled at your school.

Track why and when children leave your school, and automatically request an Exit Survey from families to gather more information.

Simplify and manage parent communication.

Parents can only see information about their child, and you get to decide what to share.

Adding parents means schools always have updated contact info, and parents have one place to find all the information they need

Connect Google Calendars to your school or individual classrooms to display events and help keep everyone up to date.

You can finally centralize school info onto a single platform. Create School Info pages to radiate information outward, and stop worrying whether you sent that one spreadsheet link to the new parents that just joined.

Our pages are highly customizable with embeddable content, links to external resources, or Google Spreadsheets.

Lessons included and customizable.

Jumpstart your record keeping with included lesson sets for AMI Toddler, Primary, and Elementary and AMS Elementary. Lessons are organized using familiar concepts like Areas, Groups, and Materials.

Customize the lessons to your heart's content. They can be shared across classrooms or individualized to suit each teacher's needs.

Share lesson pages with parents so they can engage with the Montessori lesson set, learning alongside their children. Lessons include information on why Montessorians teach this lesson and how to help out at home.

Track attendance necessary for state licensing.

Track attendance and signatures with a fully customizable system that you can tailor to your school's needs.

Generate reports for entire classrooms or for individual children to satisfy the myriad state reporting requirements. No need to waste another minute of your precious time wrangling a spreadsheet, so you can focus on what matters.

Whether attendance is managed by staff, by parents at a shared school tablet, or on a parent's personal device, we have many options to meet your school's needs.

Safeguard your school with COVID-19 health screenings.

Provide COVID-19 health screenings and temperature checks before each dropoff to help protect everyone.

Each screening is fully customizable to meet any needs required of your school.

Screenings can be completed either by staff onsite, or on a parent's device with Distance Dropoff before they come to school.

We've got your back.

We know how incredibly hard it is to be a teacher or administrator of a school. We've designed Transparent Classroom every step of the way with you in mind, to bring a bit more ease to your demanding life.

Learning a new tool can be difficult, and we're here to help. Sign up for free, live trainings to answer all your questions. Our team, many of whom are Montessori trained, will walk you through our plethora of features and help you tailor the platform to meet your needs.

Our support is unparalleled and fast, with email responses within 24 business hours and bugs addressed within five business days.

Software doesn't have to be a frustrating, lonely experience. We're here to prove that it can be different.

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$2.00 USD
per child / month

Unlimited classrooms. Unlimited staff.
Unlimited support and training.

Each month, you are charged only for children actively enrolled the previous month.

If you are closed in the summer, you pay nothing. If you have fewer children some months, you pay less.

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